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ETPro Admin Guide

Stat Saver

If b_statsaver is 1, then player XP, skills, medals, weaponstats, team, class, and weapon selection are all saved across disconnects.
These stats will still be reset whenever the server would normally reset them (e.g. at the beginng of a new campaign).

Skill Locking

If b_noskillupgrades is 1, players may still score XP but are no longer awarded skill upgrades or ranks.

Default skills

Admins may define the default skill levels for players through the cvar b_defaultskills
The values is 7 integers separated by spaces. The skills are defined in this order:
Battle Sense
Explosives and Construction (Engineering)
First Aid (Medic)
Signals (Field Ops)
Light Weapons
Heavy Weapons (Soldier)
Military Intelligence and Scoped Weapons (Covert Ops)

To give everyone default battle sense 2 and light weapons 3, you would do
b_defaultskills "2 0 0 0 3 0 0"

To lock players permanently at those skill levels, you would additionally do
b_noskillupgrades 1

Rank customization

Admins may further refine the skill system by changing amount of XP required to increase rank in each skill. This can be especially useful with per-map configurations.

The XP requirements for each skill level are split up over 7 variables:

Each variable accepts 1-4 integers denoting the amount of XP required for each level. Omitting values will disable any of the levels higher than those specified. A value of -1 for any skill level also disables that particular level, although the associated skills will still be gained when reaching a higher level, if allowed. Leaving the value blank causes the default values to be used: 20 50 90 140.

Disable level 3 and 4 engineers:
b_levels_engineer "20 50"
Don't give medics full revive until level 4:
b_levels_medic "20 50 -1 140"
Give everyone binoculars almost immediately:
b_levels_battlesense "5 50 90 140"

Players can see the currently active skill customizations with the skills command.

Stopwatch XP saver

The stopwatch XP saver, which can be toggled with the b_xpstopwatch variable, will keep XP across stopwatch rounds A->B, similar to the way campaign play keeps XP. After both halves of a stopwatch round are complete, XP will be reset.

Default configuration scripts

Per-map config

On map changes, the server looks for a script named mapdefault_mapname.cfg to execute, where mapname is the name of the currently loaded map. If it is not found, it then looks for a script named mapdefault.cfg

As an example, you may use this to disable the fps-killing foliage on the radar map by making two cfg files like this...

forcecvar r_drawfoliage 0

forcecvar r_drawfoliage 1

mapdefault_radar.cfg will be loaded every time the radar map is loaded, and mapdefault.cfg will be loaded for every other map.

Pub/Match config

When Pub settings are voted, the server looks for a script named default_pub.cfg and executes it if found.

When Competition settings are voted, the server looks for a script named default_comp.cfg and executes it if found.

A map_restart is automatically performed when Pub or Comp settings are voted.

Server banners

Rotating server banners are enabled through the cvar b_banners, which specifies the number of banners to display.
If set to 0, it disables rotating banners.

Each banner is defined through the cvar b_bannern, where n is an integer from 1-999.

The location of the banners is defined through the cvar b_bannerlocation:
0 - Player chat area
1 - Left popup area (not recommended)
2 - Centerprint area (where, for example, the 'Arming dynamite...' message is displayed)
3 - Console only
4 - Banner area (the very top of the screen)
The time in seconds between banners is defined through the cvar b_bannertime

b_banners 3
b_bannerlocation 0
b_bannertime 30
set b_banner1 "This is banner number 1"
set b_banner2 "Banner number 2 is being displayed"
set b_banner3 "Now banner number 3 is shown"


Semiadmin access is enabled through the cvar b_semiadminlevels, which defines the number of semiadmin levels available.
If set to 0, it disables the semiadmin feature.

Passwords for each semiadmin level are defined through the cvar b_semiadminpassn where n is an integer value from 1-99 representing the semiadmin level.

The rcon commands available for each semiadmin level are defined through the cvar b_semiadmincmdsn where n is an integer value from 1-99 representing the semiadmin level.

b_semiadminlevels 3
b_semiadminpass1 "password1"
b_semiadmincmds1 "map_restart"
b_semiadminpass2 "anotherpassword"
b_semiadmincmds2 "map_restart clientkick shuffle_teams"
b_semiadminpass3 "level3password"
b_semiadmincmds3 "mute unmute ban map campaign swap_teams"

Note - each semiadmin level password must be different!

Players log in with the command
/sal password or /semiadminlogin password

Once logged in, semiadmins may issue commands with
/sa command or /semiadmin command

Semiadmins may also check their current level and available commands with
/sa or /semiadmin by itself with no parameters.


Player shoving is enabled through the cvar b_shove, which defines the amount of knockback. A value of 0 disables shoving.
The cvar b_shove_noz, if set to 1, disables z-axis shoving, so that players cannot use shoving to boost players over walls.

Server watermarks

ET Pro adds the ability for server administrators to place a watermark image on the client's HUD, above the lagometer.   (For examples, see the player guide.)

The watermark display is controlled by 3 variables: The first, b_watermark, specified the filename of the watermark image. The filename used in b_watermark automatically has 'watermark/' prepended to it, so if b_watermark is set to 'ourclan/ourwatermark', the server and client will actually look for 'watermark/ourclan/ourwatermark.

The watermark display is also affected by b_watermarkFadeAfter and b_watermarkFadeTime: b_watermarkFadeAfter specifies the time, in seconds, that the watermark will appear on-screen before fading away (although a value of -1 will prevent it from fading away at all.) The watermark display/fade process will occur every time a map is loaded, so some administrators may prefer to only display the watermark for a moment to ensure it does not obscure the display. Finally, the b_watermarkFadeTime variable specifies how long the fading process will take, allowing administrators to decide how quickly their watermark fades away.
Information on making watermarks

Making watermarks is a fairly simple task, but there are some restrictions and general tips that you should keep in mind.

The dimensions of the watermark must be a power of two--for example, 32x32, 64x64, 128x128.
The watermark is always drawn at the same size relative to the rest of the display (which is 48x48 pixels at 640x480), but it won't hurt to make the watermark a bit larger than this--players running the game at higher video resolutions will see more detail if that detail exists in the watermark image. Using a watermark size of 128x128 will ensure it looks nice up   to 1600x1200 without making the required download very large.
Try to keep the filenames unique--as a rough guide, we suggest something like watermark/ourclan/ourwatermark.tga for the filename, placed inside a pk3 named something like ourclan-watermark.pk3.
For best results, use alpha channels (transparent areas) where possible in the image--you can make part of the watermark partly or fully transparent, allowing the game view to be seen through the transparent parts of the watermark.

Extended weapons controls

ET Pro gives server administrators more fine-grained control over weapons restrictions: the number of flamethrowers, mobile MG42s, mortars, and panzerfausts allowed for each team can be individually adjusted.

Heavy weapons restrictions are split up into the following variables:

Setting any of these variables to -1 disables the limitation, while a value of 0 or greater specifies the number of each weapon that each team is allowed to use.

To disable panzerfausts entirely and allow 1 flamethrower on each team, one would use:
team_maxPanzers 0
team_maxFlamers 1

Misc weapon restrictions:
b_riflegrenades (default 1, enabled) allows admins to enable/disable rifle grenades (useful for LMS/OLTL games)


The multiview system from OSP has been added to ET Pro.Multiview functionality can be toggled with b_multiview.Multiview may sometimes take more bandwidth and CPU usage when
enabled, so administrators whose servers are using most of the
available CPU power or bandwidth may wish to leave it disabled.

Summary of new console commands

b_cvarempty                                             - Resets all ET Pro cvars to their defaults

bp <text>                                                    - Sends text to all clients to be displayed in the banner area.

cancelvote                                                - Cancels any vote in progress.

cp <text>                                                    - Sends text to all clients to be displayed in the centerprint area.

forcecvar                                                 -  Forces all clients to set the cvarname cvar to value.  This will not prevent clients from changing the cvar after forcecvar is executed.

guids                                                          - Displays a list of players and their guids, similar to the guids command for clients.

listcs                                                          - Dumps all of the current configstrings to the server console.  Mostly useful as a debugging or map making tool.

passvote                                                     - Passes any vote in progress

ref                                                              - Allows access to referee commands from the server console.

setcs <num> <value>                                    - Sets the value of configstring number num to value

time                                                            - Reports the game state and round time remaining

qsay <text>                                                 - Sends text to all clients to be displayed in the chat area without the 'server: ' prefix

Summary of new cvars

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