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Practice Maps
Practice Maps

This nice little maps are useful for practicing you aim. Can be used offline, by yourself.
Moving spheres, moving man-shaped targets, non-moving man-shaped targets, and grenade bunkers allow for varied types of practice.

Practice your aim at short and long distance. Keep the trigger pressed and enjoy!

Installation: Place the .pk3 to your etmain folder,start ET, Host Game, look for the Map u want play, Start Server and have Fun.

AoP Practice (Beta 3)

Alliance of Pain submachine gun practice.
Leave your heavy weapons at the door.

Choco Jump v1.3

Choose Spawn 2,and enjoy the minigames.

Clay-Shooting, Sniping, Time Attack.

Sniper Range ET (Final)

Train up on shooting, by yourself or with others.
Includes both Axis & Allied spawns for clan training.
With a variety of static & moving targets.
NOT only for Snipers.

Tactical Shooting Course (Final)

Timed Tactical Shooting Course


Area #1
1. Grab key card to begin run*
2. Engage 30 targets with 3 hits each*
3. Destroy all targets in an area to access the next area*
4. Doors only open for 5 seconds*
5. Failing to pass a door terminates run*
6. Teleporter at end of course returns you to start*
7. Time outputs at run completion.

Area #2
Shoot targets improve tracking and tweak sensitivity.

Target Practice

This map is a ripoff of RTCW map "Shooting Alley".
All this map is for is to practice your aim at short and long distance.

Target Practice - rgb_Practice

It's target practice time!

Target Practice (9) - Targets

It's target practice time!

Same Map as rgb_practice,only with changed terrain,
completed by re:lax*etpro.de.

Western b1

4 different target practises/games for SMG, Pistol, Knife throwing, nade throwing

The practises are sort of hidden into the map. So you should run the map like normally.

1. Clay shooting with SMG, go to the roof of Allied spawn.

2. Pistol shooting, at the front entrance to the middle house there is a "selling cart".
It has a switch to start a shooting practise. Basicly it is in the most centre of the map, just next to the hanging spot.

3. Knife throwing, back corner of Axis spawn there is a dart board

4. Nade throwing, when you exit Axis spawn from front door, face right forward (on the ground in sand pit)

5. Three trickjump areas at the caves. You can enter caves from a water pit or by using a lever to open the hanging spot hatch doors.

Forum » Tipps & Tricks » Tipps & Tricks » Practice Maps
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