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Widescreen Resolutions
Common Widescreen Resolutions


When experimenting with resolutions, while searching for possible performance solutions.
I.E 1280x1024 = 1.310MP & 1440x900 = 1.296MP.
Therefore, if you find acceptable results for a video card at 1280x1024, then you might very well have comparible results at 1440x900.
So by using the RATIO FORMULA & DECIMAL CONVERSION below any number close to the decimal for the WS ratio you want, should work pretty well.

Resolution & Aspect Ratio

The list is sorted by the RIGHT side resolution number wwww X hhhh

Resolution Aspect Ratio Notes
640x400 16:10
720X480 15:10
768X480 16:10
848X480 16:9
840X525 16:10
960X540 16:9
960X600 16:10
1280X720 16:9
1280X768 15:9
1 360X768 16:9
1366X768 16:9 (Viewsonic & DiBoss 32" LCDs)
1368X768 16:9
1280X800 16:10
1440X900 16:10
1440X960 15:10
1800X960 15:8
1768X992 16:9 (Sony 32" LCD)
1776X1000 16:9
1600X1024 15:10
1680X1050 16:10
3360X1050 32:10 (Dual monitors)
1920X1080 16:9 (HDTV)
1920X1200 16:10
2560X1600 16:10 (Dell 3007WFP, 30" Apple Cinema Display)
3200X2048 15:10
3840X2400 16:10 (Viewsonic 22.2" VP2290b LCD)

SDTV / EDTV / HDTV Specifications

1080i/p HDTV format is 1920 X 1080 pixels.

720i/p HDTV [aka SDTV (S=Super) or EDTV] is 1280 X 720.

480p EDTV(E=Enhanced or Extended) [may/may not be widescreen] is 640 X 480 or 704 X 480.

<420 SDTV (S=Standard) Less than 480p

HD vs ED vs SD

Refers to the resolution or number of pixels used to represent a single video image frame. Standard Definition refers to having about 350,000 pixels per frame & High Definition refers to having about 2,000,000 pixels per frame, (or about 6 times more than SD). Therefore, 7201/p is NOT HD.

Ratio Formula & Decimal Conversion


1.25 = 5:4

1.33 = 4:3

1.50 = 15:10 WS

1.60 = 16:10 WS

1.66 = 5:3 (or 15:9) WS

1.77 = 16:9 WS

Display Class Names

Initials Name HxV Resolution
CGA Color Graphics Adapter 320x200
MCGA Multicolor Graphics Adapter 320x200
HGC Hercules Graphics Card 720×348
MDA Monochrome Display Adapter 720×350
EGA Enhanced Graphics Adapter 640x350
VGA Video Graphics Array 640x480
SVGA Super Video Graphics Array 800x600
8514 8514/A display Adapter 1024×768
XGA EXtended Graphics Array 1024X768
SXGA Super EXtended Graphics Array 1280x1024
SXGA+ Super EXtended Graphics Array 1400x1050
UXGA Ultra EXtended Graphics Array 1600x1200
QXGA Quad EXtended Graphics Array 2048x1536
QSXGA Quad Super EXtended Graphics Array 2560x2048
WVGA Wide Video Graphics Array 852x480
WXGA Wide EXtended Graphics Array (1280 to 1366)x(720 to 800)
WXGA+ Wide EXtended Graphics Array 1280x800
WSXGA Wide Super EXtended Graphics Array 1600x1024
WSXGA+ Wide Super EXtended Graphics Array 1680x1050
WUXGA Wide Ultra EXtended Graphics Array 1920x1200
WQSXGA Wide Quad Super EXtended Graphics Array 3200x2048
WQUXGA Wide Quad Ultra EXtended Graphics Array 3840x2400
HDTV High Definition TV 1920x1080
HDTV+ High Definition TV Plus 1920x1200

No warranty on the usage of this information/tutorial. Use this information at your own risk, and use common sense.

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