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Be aware of respawn-times
Always be aware of your respawn-times

Probably you know the following situation: you go again for some frags, then you get killed unfortunately when your respawntimer resets – 30 seconds for you until respawn. And further more you just got the impression that you missed half the maptime because you drew so many long spawns already… Or another scenario: you draw your syringe to revive a mate and he taps out, because it’s respawntime and he had no ammo. And then you get shot with the syringe in your hand and no revive-shield in front of you. Whos failure? Always yours!

Therefore we phrase the following rule:

Always be aware of your own spawntime or rather when your spawntime resets!

As you can’t frag and score when you aren’t in the game, you got to minimize dead times. You got to achieve this primary of course by preventing from getting fragged. An additional way is to selfkill right before your respawn-time*. Make sure you got a proper binding in your config which you can access easily and not by accident:

bind k “kill;

There are several situations where you should strongly consider to selfkill before respawn instead of standing and fighting:

you got no or only a little bit of ammo left and chances are bad you get new ammo in time

you don’t have enough health left and you don’t have any chance to heal

you have to fight a one on many and your position is not good enough to win

Be sure to kill yourself at least 1 second before respawn. Otherwise you may get fragged and you can’t tap out in time which will result in – right: 30 seconds**.

As we want to get the maximum out of our game and as we of course want to play fair, we can phrase a subsentence to our rule:

Get the maximum out of your game: only selfkill right before your respawn, not randomly in fight!

*Note that some servers disallow killing yourself or limit it to a specific count or limit it to cold phases (i. e. you can only selfkill when you did not got damaged for a specific time). This is to prevent abusing the selfkill for not grudging the opponent his frag. You can discuss if it is for good reason or not…

**Note that some servers adapted respawntimes, so there are different from 20/30 allies/axis (or whats defined as standard for a map). This shall prevent calculated and massive spawnkilling but in fact often ruins gameplay, not only because you lose our feeling for respawn and because the map gets unbalanced in favour of the defending team…


Forum » Tipps & Tricks » Tipps & Tricks » Be aware of respawn-times
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