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How to see the hitboxes
How to see the hitboxes in Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory

As Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory uses 2 to 3 boxes drawn around the actual player model, it is essential for you to know how these boxes look to get a good aiming. So perhaps you want to check out for yourself what they look like in different situations (e. g. while climbing a ladder, while beeing in the railgun-train, while swimming, …). In order to view the hitboxes, you need a server that allows cheats and use debugbullets. Sadly in most cases there are no possibilities to view the hitboxes in your recorded replays/demos unless the game was recorded with cheats enabled, because the debugbullets hit boxes are server side things. But you of course can start a server on your own and have a look at those hitboxes, analyze them and improve your gameplay by beeing some knowledge-steps ahead.

If you are alone and if you don’t have another PC in a network, do the following:

/sv_pure 0 // allow any custom content, like supplydepot
/devmap MAP* // start a local server
/g_debugbullets 8 // go into debug mode
/cg_thirdperson 1// go in third person-view to see your hitbox
/cg_thirdpersonrange 100 // play with the value
/cg_thirdpersonangle 180 // play with that value, too

* replace MAP e. g. by oasis, fueldump, battery, railgun, goldrush, radar

If you have a second PC available in a network, start again a localhost-server with cheats enabled, connect the other server and again go in debug-mode:

/devmap MAP* // start a localhost-server on PC 1
/connect 192.168.0.XXX** // type this on PC 2 to connect with PC 1
/g_debugbullets 7 // go in debug-mode

**replace XXX with the local IP of PC 1 – get it e.g. by using “ipconfig” on ms dos-commandline

Now everytime you hit the other player model, its strong>hitbox-model will be visible to you and you can take a screenshot and do some analysis. Other useful things in this context:

/bind ENTER screenshot // bind "take a screenshot" to a key
/cg_railtrailtime 5000 // specify how long the boxes and bullet trails will be visible in ms.


Forum » Tipps & Tricks » Tipps & Tricks » How to see the hitboxes
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