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Saving your ETKEY file !!!
Saving your ETKEY file (and with that your XP and Admin Level)

If you want to reinstall Windows, or change something on your Computer System that requires you to reinstall Enemy Territory, it is important that you save your GUID.

The GUID (a 32 character alphanumeric "number") is like a computer based key, that identifies yourself to the servers, when you connect.
This is the way the server knows that you are back and then gives you your XP and the userlevel back.

Conclusion: If you loose that GUID, you won't get your XP back!

The GUID is stored in a file, and that file is called "etkey".
(Without a file extension, like etkey.exe or something! Just "etkey")

That file is located in your etmain folder within your Enemy Territory installation directory.

So, for example, if your ET is installed in C : Program Files - Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory
you need to use the Windows Explorer and go into this directory, and there into the etmain directory:

C : Program Files - Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory -etmain

There you will see the "etkey" file.
Its around 1kb size.

That is the one you need to save.


Well, easiest way is to zip it, save it to a location you can get to after you reinstalled your system, another harddrive, a floppy disk or a burned CD or even an online mail account you can store files in for example.
I leave that up to you.

Now, when you need to reinstall that file, all you need is to reinstall ET, and then copy the saved "etkey" file back to the ET installation into the etmain directory.

That way, if you keep the saved etkey forever, you should be abled to save your XP and the userlevels etc for all times, too.

Forum » Tipps & Tricks » Tipps & Tricks » Saving your ETKEY file !!!
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