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Aiming by RaZiel
Aiming by RaZiel

RaZiel was a famous Return to Castle Wolfenstein-player years ago. Many people today still count him to one of the best RTCW players ever. Luckily he wanted to share his recipes for improving your aiming and tactical finesse with the community, so he wrote a tutorial to the end of 2003: Aiming by RaZiel.

Although the tutorial is quite old and targets RTCW-players, things haven’t changed that much and the lessons are also relevant to Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory-Players. This one is a must-have for every ambitious player.

(97.5mb; contains some docs, videos, tweaks, patches, analysises and configs)

Config folder
contains my own gaming config. The most recent one.
Examples folder
contains some frags and analyze of them.
Hardware" folder
contains a little info about tweaking and windows settings.
Sensitivity" folder
contains the info you need to know about my method to get better aim.
Tools" folder
contains some of the tools I have used.
All avi's are compressed with Xvid codec.

Introduction.txt gives a little start about it all. You may find it quite chaotic.
But if you start in that file, and read through it all, you may get a better picture of
the whole subject.

These ideas/advices can be used in other games as well. After all it gives a lot of
general info.

You can take my advices or let them be. But this is mostly all about _my_ gaming, and what I needed to be an aggressive player. Both aim and confidence counts a lot. And this gave me that.

I share this research because I believe in helping ppl. And I have been a noob myself.
When I look back, I hate that the better players didn't help me improve, or give me any information or tips. That could actually have saved me a lot of time and effort.

I think mostly all players should take a look at this, even starters and top-players.
And I do believe a lot of the peoply trying the aim method and tracking will amaze them, both negative and positive.

I have been using a few days on this, a little amount of time compared to many of you may have needed to get to all of this information. Or maybe never would have.

Been looking on esreality.com, a lot of other gaming communities that gives advices from succesful topplayers. But never anything DEEP, or direct advices.
I think that most players themself don't want to share their knowledge, because they didn't get it for free themselfs. I don't owe anyone anything for what I know. I did it all myself.

And it's all yours. Yes, I played alone, yes I improved my aim all by myself. Not 1on1's, but by experimenting and finding settings that suited my playing style.

I have always believed that playing 1on1's for many hours and days won't actually improve your aim. Since you may already have the totally wrong settings.
In my opinion 1on1's are ment for getting used to current settings that is most comfortable for you. And thereby aiming practice will make your aiming both confident and making it into an instinct. All you need 1on1's for after is warmup and maintaining your aim.

I don't bother asking for 1on1's anymore, instead I go warming up on my own. Either with a reflex game, getting your head focused on eye-hand coordination. Or go ingame alone.

Most of this stuff, is something I wanted to share before, when I played in Drowned Cows.
But of course, no one wanted to listen, because I was no respected top player. I forgot that I actually had to have a name to know and say something in this world, sorry for that.

My pc specs
Amd XP 2600+
Creative GF4 ti4200 (64mb 128 bit @ 550 mhz) sad
512 mb DDR 400mhz
Logitech MX 310
Icemat (modified: inside a func rubber holder)
Hansol 19" 100hz@1024, 144hz@800
Great Internet connection (30Mbit/s++, routers sucks though .nl)
An old dirty cheap keyboard with food and ashes inside it

Thx to Teaz and cez for helping out. And thanks to Swertcw for a great gaming page for RTCW, and storage for my big movies =)

"Don't waste time on something that won't bring you closer to your dreams,
and always stay curious"

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